Master i synpedagogik och synrehabilitering

Möjlighet att söka till introduktionskursen i Master i synpedagogik och synrehabilitering vid Universitetet i Sørøst-Norge utan att gå hela programmet.

Introduktionskursen Introduksjon til spesialpedagogikk, rehabilitering, optikk, øye og synsfunksjon 15 hp ges nu som fristående kurs på deltid och är öppen för ansökan från 20 juli.

Se hemsidan för ytterligare info.


Det finns också fortfarande möjlighet att söka till kursen Orientering och förflyttning vid synnedsättning eller blindhet 20 hp ht20-vt21 med 33 % studietakt.


Newsletter IMC17 June 2020

In less then a week, we would have met in Gothenburg for the 17th IMC conference. The corona pandemic set a stop to this but we were fortunate to be able to postpone the conference to the 22-25 April 2021. We now look forward to welcoming you next year to join us at this exciting event.

Many of you have earlier registered for the conference. In your case, the registration, as well as the other bookings (study visits, dinner, hotel etc.) have been automatically transferred to the new dates. Even the abstracts accepted for the oral and poster presentations, as well as the workshops, continue to be valid.

We are also pleased to inform you of the possibility to submit new abstracts for the conference in 2021. The abstract submission will be open between 1st September and 15th October.  We encourage you to take the new opportunity to share research and development in the O&M area in a broad sense. You will find the conference themes listed on the homepage. Please also feel free to submit another abstract, even if you already have one accepted.

New registrations to the conference in 2021 are welcome. The new deadline for early bird registration is 22nd January 2021. We cordially invite you to take the opportunity to access the most recent developments within O&M, to meet old and new colleagues and to be inspired and inspire others to continue working in this dynamic and inspirational area from all across the globe.

By mid-December, we aim to have the program in place for the conference in 2021. This will be accessible on the IMC 17 homepage. Please visit the same for regular updates and news.

We from the local organizing committee, wish you all a wonderful midsummer!

Inger, Christina, Marita, Agneta, Shruti, Anders och Gunilla

IMC17 is postponed – new date will be announced

Due to the current situation with the Corona virus in Europe and in the rest of the world, we have decided to postpone the IMC gathering to another date to be announced when the pandemic situation is more under control. We hope you understand our decision; this is the safest we can do by now for all.

Regarding the registration fees and hotel bookings we will send you more information as soon as possible. This preliminary information is just to let you know that the IMC17 gathering has been postponed, so you should not take any action for your trip to Sweden in June.

We are very pleased with your interest for the conference and invite you all to take part in IMC17 when it will be rescheduled as soon as possible. If you are a presenter, or are running a workshop, your abstract which was accepted, stays valid to the new date when be announced.

Take care of yourself, your families, your colleagues and friends. We will come back with more information as soon as possible.

Stay well and our best regards,

Inger Berndtsson, Associate Professor,
The IMC17 local committee and the
IMC Executive committee


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The Early Bird registration is open until 3rd March 2020.

This will be a lovely opportunity to catch up with old friends and colleagues, as well as making new contacts from around the world. At the same time, you will perhaps stay some extra days in Sweden for vacation or travel.


The IMC17 will provide an interesting, varying and challenging scientific programme with oral presentations, posters and workshops, in accordance with the topics of the conference. We are also proud to announce some of the keynote speakers who will bring these topics even further and elaborate on the theme Challenges for an inclusive society.


Duane Geruschat, Ph.D. will talk about regenerative vision and the theory of how sight is provided and the development of an orientation and mobilityprogram to improve the use of this new vision.


Kamal Lamichhane, Ph.D. will give a lecture on if and how it is possible to overcome obstacles to the path of social inclusion and economic independence.


Håkan Thomsson, president of the Swedish Association of the Visually Impaired will present some of the challenges faced by people with visual impairment and blindness in Sweden.


The conference venue is located in the centre of Gothenburg, at the Faculty of Education, University of Gothenburg, in a cosy part of the city. The venue is also fully accessible.

We look forward to see you all in Gothenburg during the most pleasant month of the year. Together we will bring memories for life.


Register for the conference


All the best,

Inger Berndtsson, Ph.D. chair the Local Organizing Committee


Nu finns det stipendier att söka!

Mer info finns under rubriken Nyheter & Inlägg


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Den 22–25 juni 2020 står Institutionen för pedagogik och specialpedagogik, Göteborgs universitet som värd för konferensen IMC17 International Mobility Conference. Konferensen uppmärksammar i vid bemärkelse området orientering och förflyttning för personer med synnedsättning eller blindhet med eller utan ytterligare funktionsnedsättningar, ur ett tvärvetenskapligt perspektiv. Temat för konferensen är Challenges for an inclusive society. Call for abstract finns på konferensens hemsida och riktas mot följande områden:

  • learning, activity and participation
  • the relation between the human being and the environment
  • VISION 2020
  • theory and development of orientation and mobility


Abstract kan anmälas fram till 15 november.

Klicka här för att Se på den engelska webbsidan för IMC17 för mer info.

Tänk också på möjligheten att ditt företag eller organisation kan medverka i utställningen som kommer att placeras centralt i konferenslokalerna. Vi är också tacksamma för sponsorbidrag. Mer info finns i dokumentet Invitation to sponsorship & exhibition som kan laddas ner från konferensens webbsida.

Registreringen öppnar inom kort.

Varmt välkomna att bidra till och delta i konferensen!

Lokala organisationskommittén för IMC17


ForumVision är en ideell förening med syfte att stimulera och initiera forskning och utveckling inom och mellan discipliner samt att utgöra en brygga mellan forskare och professionella som arbetar med/för personer med synnedsättning.
Vi anordnar regelbundet seminarier, workshops och en årlig konferens under teman som avspeglar aktuella forskningsområden.

Föreningens medlemmar kommer från många olika discipliner med anknytning till och intresse för hur synfunktionshinder kan undvikas genom samhällsplanering, medicinsk behandling, hjälpmedel och utveckling av hab/rehabiliterande verksamhet, vilket bidrar till en tvärvetenskaplighet vi inte ofta ser idag. Många har specialintressen och vill komma i kontakt med andra med samma intressen.


Under Arkiv hittar du sammandrag från tidigare verksamhet.